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From the Klamath Basin all the way to Nevada, including Klamath and
Lake Counties in Oregon and Siskiyou and Modoc Counties in California.

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If you have a swarm of bees on your property, you can get assistance by calling one of our members.

Please do not attempt to remove or kill honey bees with chemicals.  The honey and dead bees will remain in place and will decay and you are just adding to the problem. Nothing worse then melting wax and honey stores.  Bugs and rodents will get attracted to it.  A proper removal will avoid long term problems.  The members below have the expertise and equipment needed to do it correctly. 


    Ron Holly (541) 892-3927


    Paul Davitt  (541) 850-0304  Free jar of local honey for every removal!

    Cole Van Essen (541) 891-5585

    Chris Kern  (541) 884-8664

Klamath Falls:

    Bill Fridinger (541) 891-2302  North Klamath Falls only!

    George Nerida (541) 892-6464

    Sam McGuire (541) 880-6868

    Todd Pfeiffer (541) 281-1630

    Jim Shadduck  (541) 882-2181

    John Wilda  (541) 882-1273


    Jim Smith  (541) 892-5888


    Jim Smith  (541) 892-5888

Stewart Lenox:

    Arthur Thomas (541) 884-2254 or (541) 220-7125


    Jim Smith  (541) 892-5888


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