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Honey Bee Removal and Swarm Catching

We have club members that are willing to remove honey bees.   We distinguish between swam collection and cutouts (removal from structures).  Swarm removals are usually free of charge; while cutouts are not.

Please do not attempt to remove or kill honey bees with chemicals. 
The honey and dead bees will remain in place and will decay and you are just adding to the problem. Nothing worse then melting wax and honey stores.  Bugs and rodents will get attracted.   A proper removal will avoid long term problems and expenses. The members below have the expertise and equipment needed to do it correctly.

Steve France, Dorris CA, (541) 539-1445

Ron Holly, Chiloquin OR, (541) 892-3927

Sam McQuire, Keno, OR, (541) 880-6868

  • Swarm Collection:
    • Klamath County:
      Algoma, Altamont, Dairy, Fairhaven, Falcon Heights, Fort Klamath, Henley, Hildebrand,  Keno, Klamath Falls, Pelican City, Pine Grove, Stewart Lenox,  Worden
  • Cutouts:
    • Klamath County:
      Algoma, Altamont, Beatty, Bonanza, Chiloquin, Dairy, Fairhaven, Falcon Heights, Fort Klamath, Henley, Hildebrand, Keno, Klamath Agency, Klamath Falls, Lake of the Wood, Langell Valley, Lorella, Malin, Merrill, Midland, Modoc Point, Odessa, Olene, Pelican City, Pine Grove, Rocky Point, Stewart Lenox,  Worden, Yonna
    • Lake County:
      Christmas Valley,  Paisley, Silver Lake, Summer Lake

Arthur Thomas , Stewart Lenox, OR , (541) 884-2254 or (541) 220-7125

Terri Torres, Klamath Falls, OR, (541) 880-8413

  • Swarm Collection:
    • Klamath County:
      Chemult, Chiloquin, Klamath Falls, Merrill

John Wilda, Klamath Falls, OR, (541) 892-2059

  • Swarm Collection:
    • Klamath County:
      Algoma, Altamont, Bonanza, Dairy, Falcon Heights, Hager, Hatfield, Henley, Hot Springs, Klamath Falls,  Malin, Malone, Merrill, Midland, Olene, Pelican City, Pine Grover, Stewart Lenox,  Worden, Yonna
  • Cutouts:
    • Call for details, not free of charge

Klamath Basin Beekeepers Association, P.O. Box 1064, Klamath Falls, OR 97601

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