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KBBA - Klamath Basin Beekeepers Association

Bee Mentoring Programs

The club and it’s members love to talk bees.

We have field days, a bee buddy program, and mentoring to those club members that are interested.

Our Buddy Bee Program lets anyone announce that they are looking for a buddy near where they live.  Simply come to the meeting, let us know your location and someone at the meeting will raise their hand and invite you to become their bee buddy.  Please understand that the bee buddy will not do your job of keeping your bees for you.  They will guide you through your learning process and you may gain a great friend along the way.  Your Bee Buddy will do this free of charge.

Our Mentor Program is similar.  Here we have a list of people volunteering their time as a mentor.  They usually have years of experience and training.  The number of mentors are very limited and you need to contact our education officer (found on the Contact Us page) for more details.

Check our Facebook Page for other upcoming events.


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