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Oregon Bee Law and Vector Control Information

Oregon has a few laws on the books. and they are not complex.  We do not have a moveable frame requirement or have apiary inspections.  You can keep your bees in any vessel you like to, and that includes skep beekeeping.  We do have a apiary registration requirement and it supports bee research at OSU Corvallis. 

5 or more hives are a $10 base registration fee plus 50 cents per colony.  Commercial rules apply to 20 or more hives.

Full details can be found at this website:


We highly recommend that you contact your local vector control to let them know where your bees are.
This protects your rights as a beekeeper.  Further they are required to check with the state of your apiary registration prior to application and have to notify you in advance.  Pollinators are protected by the EPA and state regulations.

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