We offer free Honey Bee swarm removal in Klamath County!

Many of our club members remove honey bee swarms free of charge in Klamath County (though donations are welcome). We will come gently capture any honeybee swarms and manage them for pollination and honey production. Please, do not spray a honeybee swarm with chemicals! We will not remove a sprayed swarm.

We distinguish between swarm collection and cutouts (removal from structures, which often involves cutting into a wall or siding).  Unfortunately we do not offer cutout removal at this time, but we may be able to make a referral. Please contact us.

But first, do you have a honey bee swarm? 

Honey bees swarm when a large group leaves their hive to establish a colony with a new queen, usually in early-to-late spring. This is a natural process in the life of a honey bee colony. The bees move together and cluster on a tree limb, shrub or other object around their queen. Honey bees are not aggressive during this stage, making it easy to capture them and move them along.

Does your swarm look like this? If not, or if you're not sure, please visit our FAQ page.

Contact KBBA for a free removal.

Please call Lorena, our removal coordinator, and she will connect you with a club member. If you are not able to reach Lorena, Terri or John can also assist you.

  • Lorena Corzatt, Klamath Falls, OR (541) 892-8402
  • Terri Torres, Klamath Falls, OR, (541) 880-8413
  • John Wilda, Klamath Falls, OR, (541) 892-2059
Removal FAQ