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It's time to order honey bees!

February 18, 2022

It's time for the Klamath Basin Bee Club annual honey bee order! Available to members (which you are welcome to join our club and order bees!) we deliver dozens of happy hives to keeper every year!

Last day to order and pay for bees is at the March 27th, 2021 meeting. This year you can order Survivor bees, Carniolan bees, and Italian bees. Here's a bit about each one:

Survivor bees: Bees bred for mite resistance, honey production, gentleness and hygienic behavior. Treated organically for mites before you get them.

  • Nucs: $255 per;
  • Package $185 per;
  • Queens: $45 per queen.

Carniolan BeesCarnis are a little slower to start brood production in spring, may swarm in their first year, good foragers even in cloudy conditions, can be defensive. They tend to go into winter with large cluster but will need more food stores.

  • Nucs: $200 per ($35 refundable);
  • Package: $140 per;
  • Queens: $38 per queen.

Italian Bees: Italian bees have a quick spring build up, tend not to swarm in their first year, generally gentle. Go into winter with a smaller cluster.

  • Italian Nucs: $200 per ($35 refundable);
  • Package: $140 per;
  • Queens: $38 per queen.

Ready to place your order? Call Terri Torres at (541) 880-8413 or fill out this form.

Only club members can purchase through us! Good news is it's easy to join the club. Learn how here.