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Mite Check

July 1, 2023

Wow! What a great turnout for mite check! We checked both KBBA hives and discovered some things. First, both colonies are queenless. We all decided the best course would be to combine the very small colonies and introduce a new queen with brood. Both hives were sampled for mites using sugar shake and alcohol. Only one mite showed up. We won't be treating them this month, but will absolutely check again next month.

We talked about tools to use to sample for mites. Mite-check is an app available for both Android and iOs. The app has tutorials for checking mites, a shake trainer and a link to the Honey Bee Health Coalition Varroa Management Decision Tool. Treatments can be (very) confusing and everyone has their favorites. The Management Decision Tool is a great way to work through the options. Additionally, Honey Bee Health Coalition has lots of other great information. Take a few minutes and wander around their site.